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How to assemble a diesel generator

2016-10-19 22:35:25 Weifang Tianhe Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd Read

Our daily life cannot do without electricity, like communication, bank and other departments also need to use electricity, but if a sudden power outages do? At the time of diesel generator set is a good solution to this problem. So how is the diesel generator assembly? The following on from the staff to introduce.

Diesel generator sets are mainly diesel engine, motor. Control box. The base composition, and - production of complete sets of diesel generators are the main components of diesel engine, AC synchronous generator and control box installed together with a common base, as a whole, namely integrated diesel generator. On the public base while the power unit in the diesel engine and the generator device is welded on the steel and shall be designed to separate control panel, fuel tank and water tank and other equipment, convenient movement and installation.

Dongguan Shangchai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is engaged in diesel generators, marine generator sets, gas unit, pump unit and complete sets of professional sales companies, with years of design, generator sets and maintenance experience, products all over the country and various industries throughout, with imported generator design, complete and rich experience in maintenance, product all over the country and throughout the industry.

Like a tank placed after the highest oil base diesel generator can not be more than 2.5 meters high, such as the oil surface is higher than 2.5 meters, should be added between the big oil daily tank and diesel generator, so that the pressure directly send oil is not more than 2.5 meters. During the closing even in the diesel generator, also do not allow fuel by gravity, through the oil inlet pipe or conduit to the fuel injection diesel engine; regulations on the oil inlet resistance does not allow more than all the diesel generator performance data by using single clean filter value. Chengdu SANYO washing machine after-sales maintenance of this resistance value is built on the basis of half of the fuel tank mounted on the fuel.

The flywheel housing of the diesel engine and the front cover of the generator are axially connected with a convex shoulder, and are directly connected to form an integral body, and the generator is directly driven by a cylindrical elastic coupling. This connection mode is fixed by the screw, so that the two are connected into a whole, generator sales to ensure that the diesel engine crankshaft and generator rotor concentric degree in the specified range. In order to reduce the noise, the unit generally need to install special muffler, special circumstances need to complete the full shield of the unit. In order to reduce the vibration of the unit, the main components of the diesel engine, the generator, the control box and the water tank are connected with the common base. Some control box also uses two levels of vibration reduction measure.

How to assemble the diesel generator today is here to share, the characteristics of diesel generator is significant, can be used as emergency power supply, an important sector of application in communications, banks, hotels, airports, when electricity fails quickly stable AC power supply.