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The Fifth China International diesel engine summit will be held in Beijing in November

2016-10-19 22:39:26 Weifang Tianhe Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd Read

The Fifth China International diesel engine summit will be held in Beijing, China, from November 17, 2016 to 18. The summit was hosted by the Shanghai Business Consulting Co., Ltd., and won the national Ministry of industry, the state environmental protection department and the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and other agencies of the full support. The meeting is mainly based on the actual situation of domestic and foreign diesel engine industry, further analysis of the industry is more concerned about the policies and regulations, new technology trend and the development trend of the future development prospects, including SCR, EGR, passenger car diesel in Chinese and power system designed Malibu Bureau, intellectual property protection and other hot topics.

The Fifth China International diesel engine summit will be held in Beijing in November

We had more than 1100 experts and senior decision-makers in the first four summits, and was widely praised by most of the participants. The summit will bring together more than 350 people involved in the industry, there are 110 guests registration, from the host to the engine parts manufacturers, manufacturers, to vehicle manufacturers, covering almost all vehicles, engineering machinery and agricultural machinery industry chain. We will build the Asia Pacific region's top diesel event, looking forward to joining the professionals from all walks of life.

The summit's agenda is mainly related to:

National implementation of the national five before the preparation work and guidance

The implementation and technical route of non road state III standards

Beijing six heavy duty engine Standard & Beijing six

Non Road Beijing four implementation of the situation and the development trend of the fifth phase of the standard

Fourth stage fuel consumption limit standards implementation and guidance

Future fuel consumption standards for non road mobile machinery

To accelerate the upgrading of China's diesel fuel quality and to meet the world's Oil Standards

Global marketing strategy for diesel engines

Intelligent manufacturing in the diesel engine product design, processing, testing and

Application in equipment

Turbo charged with the latest technology and practical application

High pressure common rail electronically controlled fuel injection technology

Efficient power assembly technology

How to effectively improve fuel economy

Development and application of diesel electric hybrid power technology

The main problems and solutions after the implementation of SCR Technology

The practical application and solution of AdBlue

EGR technology to meet the requirements of China's special working conditions and environment

To explore the diversity and creativity of the emission line

Commercial vehicle power assembly of the latest technology

Technical direction and market prospect of engineering machinery diesel engine

During the transition period, how to upgrade the agricultural machinery industry

To establish a new market business model after the diesel engine

How to upgrade the diesel engine remanufacturing industry