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The 9 method of diesel engine

2016-10-19 22:43:49 Weifang Tianhe Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd Read

1, the use of the fuel saving device will smoke for economizing the fuel and reducing the smoke is vertically fixed on the front end of fuel injection pump oil, connected to DC power supply, the fuel saving effect is very good. 

2, the use of diesel fuel additives will be added directly according to the provisions of the proportion of diesel fuel additives in diesel oil, stirring, can be used after the dissolution, the general can save about 10v. 

3, install the valve installed in the vacuum negative pressure valve diesel engine, diesel engine can reduce the gas pressure in the crankcase, to maintain a certain pressure, to prevent oil leakage, reduce oil consumption. 

4, using a combination of piston rings combined with the piston ring than the old ring generally can reduce fuel consumption 1.2g/ (kW / h). 

5, the installation of inertia turbocharger installed in the S195 diesel engine inertia turbocharger, generally can increase the power of 7.35%-11.03%, fuel consumption decreased by 3%-5%. Installation should pay attention to the inner wall of the air inlet pipe should be clean and smooth, all the joints of the pipe should be added with gasket, the upper part of the pipe should be supported, so that it is firm and reliable. 

6, in the filter on the toilet paper wrapped in diesel oil filter element, the two layer in winter, 4 layer of toilet paper in the summer, can improve oil cleanliness, reduce oil consumption. 

7, equipped with foam filter in two layers of metal wire mesh of the air filter, with 1 layers of air permeability and thickness of 8-20mm foam, can improve the filtering effect, ensure the normal fuel combustion, reduce fuel consumption. 

8, the transformation of S195 diesel engine oil return pipe plastic tubing is connected to the cause of the air inlet pipe, oil return is a fog, and with the air into the cylinder, up to 20-59g/h, due to poor atomization, waste oil. The return pipe is connected to the high pressure oil pump inlet pipe, the oil return into the low pressure oil, can maintain the normal combustion, the fuel saving effect is very good. 

9, the timely removal of coking diesel in the work, in the complex polymer valve, valve seat, fuel injectors and the piston top formation of coke, increase fuel consumption. Such as the timely removal of coke, the fuel saving effect is obvious.